Which Little Women Character Are You? Take the Quiz!

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What I find so magical about the characters in Little Women is that you can see a bit of yourself in each March sister. Yet, there is always one who you feel most drawn to. Are you Jo? Adventurous and headstrong? Meg? Steadfast and gracious? Perhaps you are most like Amy, creative and independent. And let’s not forget dear Beth, unfailingly kind and caring.

For me, and for many other fans, reading the classic novel Little Women feels like coming home. There’s something about this simple 1860’s story, one full of high moral standing and family bonds, that calms and comforts a reader. Readers come to Little Women not for tales of adventure and excitement, but instead to find solace in letters on a page and to see a mirror of themselves in the four sisters who comprise the March family: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

I felt inspired to create this little book character quiz after researching the author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, and creating a blog post and video about her life. I fell in love with these characters, based on herself and her three sisters, all over again.

So, are you ready to take the quiz?

Which Little Women Character Are You?

How do you feel when someone catches you in a lie?

Do you pay attention to the latest trends?

You find a ten dollar bill abandoned on the street. What do you do?

How do you handle stressful situations?

What do you order at a restaurant?

How would you choose to spend a Friday night?

Do you like to travel?

What makes you feel most inspired?

Do you consider yourself a creative person?

At a party you are:

How do you like to spend your free time?

Pick an ice cream flavor:

What do you value most in a friendship?

People describe you as:

What landscape do you prefer?

Would you rather take the long path or the short one?

Would You Rather Have the Ability to:

When someone gives you constructive criticism you:

Pick a flower:

Which Little Women Character Are You?
Jo March

You are the wild child (at least as far as the 1860's are concerned). You are fiercely independent, thoughtful, and brazen. You are marvelously kind to your loved ones and do everything you can to care for them. They never doubt your affections. You never worry about what outsiders think and most of your own internal musings are spent lost in a day dream. You love small adventures, though you equally love coming home again. You are loyal. Any betrayal feels extra sharp to you. You have a bit of temper and, even though you do your best to control it, it does sometimes get the best of you. You feel a need to express yourself creatively and often fall into an artistic vortex in which your work consumes every thought. When an idea possesses you, you work hard to bring it to fruition. You have incredible faith in your own abilities and those of your loved ones. Friends can always come to you for honest, kind encouragement.
Beth March

You are shy, quiet and prefer time at home spent with those you know best. You find joy in simple things and always see the best in people. In turn, people trust you easily. You are their most prized secret keeper. When friends need to share their deepest fears, they come to you. You never hesitate to lend another person a helping hand. When it comes to social outings you prefer smaller gatherings over large parties. You sometimes feel awkward meeting new people and tend to overthink your social interactions long after they're over. You are extremely hardworking with hardly ever a complaint. You don't need much for entertainment, happy to spend time with your own thoughts and musings when the need calls for it. You don't share much with those you don't know, but anyone can see your gentle grace and many are glad to call you a friend.
Meg March

You are gracious and proud, a pillar to your friends and family. You naturally understand how to make anyone feel welcome, the perfect hostess. You know many people, but keep your dearest friends close. Presentation is important to you. You take pride in your appearance and prefer things kept in reasonable order (but with homey touches of course). You enjoy social gatherings and parties, but you know time spent with close friends and family is most important. People can always come to you for advice, which you give honestly and thoughtfully. You've worked hard to find balance in your life. Those around you count on your humble strength.
Amy March

You have a natural charm that quickly wins over those around you. Society fascinates you. It is easy for you to make friends and meet new people. You appreciate being noticed and admired. If you feel left out you will find a way to join in, and the event will be more fun because of it. You are courageous and never afraid to speak your mind. You have been known to guard your time and attention, but when your attention is given the receiver feels entirely special and seen. You have an artistic eye and study beauty in the world around you. You will fight tirelessly on behalf of your loved ones but know to respect your own needs at the same time.

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Thanks for playing! Here’s what to do next:

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2 thoughts on “Which Little Women Character Are You? Take the Quiz!”

  1. Ooh, I love literary quizzes! I shared this in my blog’s Facebook group! Also, I just have to say…your question on flying or breathing underwater really had me stumped! Usually if it’s a question of superpowers I always pick flying. But breathing underwater is never listed as an option, and that’s just brilliant. I’d have a really hard time picking between those two! Thank you for the fun quiz!

  2. Love this quiz! Little women is one of my favorites and I love the various questions/answers it had. One of my favorite quizzes so far!❤️👍

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