The Powerful Tool Your Book Marketing is Missing

Book marketing is a complex topic, but an all important one. Whether traditionally published or self-published, a great deal of book promotion will fall on you as the author. This is where the questions come in. What book marketing strategies should authors be using? What is the best book release plan? How early should you build an author platform? What’s the best social media for authors? The list goes on and on.

You’ll find plenty of helpful resources, but there is one powerful book marketing tool that many of those resources neglect: Instagram.

Why should Instagram be on your radar as a part of your author social media strategy?

The answer is pretty simple.

What if I told you there was a community of thousands of dedicated readers that you could access completely FREE from the comfort of your own home?

What if I told you that community loved books so much that they centered millions of social media posts around them?

What if I told you this community garnered millions of views from readers around the world, impacting the sale and success of hundreds of books every single day?

That would be pretty incredible right?

Well, guess what? It’s real. It’s Instagram. And you CAN & SHOULD take advantage of it to build your author brand and promote your books.

What is Bookstagram?

On the reading-centered corner of Instagram (or #bookstagram as we call it), there are millions upon millions of posts taken for and by book lovers, book lovers that help promote thousands of books to a highly targeted community day in and day out. This is a community you can access yourself, completely for free. Simply download the app and learn the basics about how to create an author platform profile on Instagram.

Should you use Instagram to promote your books? Here are just a few benefits that you can get in return for creating a winning Instagram profile:


When you start posting about your books and your #authorlife on Instagram, you’re tapping into an online community of readers that numbers in the thousands. You don’t have to start from zero, you just have to join in. Your ideal readers are already there waiting for you.

It’s not like writing a blog or starting a Facebook fan page, where you have to painstakingly search out your readers and potential followers on a crowded space, often with expensive paid advertisements, just to make a small dent. On Instagram it’s the opposite. The community is already there waiting for you, you just have to say hello.


Any business pro will tell you that it’s anywhere from 5-25X MORE expensive to acquire a new customer. What’s the solution? Take care of the readers you already have!

Nurture your audience, connect with them, keep them in your inner circle and they will continue to excitedly buy your books, support your promotions, and even share your books with their friends…

Before the rise of social media, this sort of brand to consumer interaction just wasn’t possible. If you learn to leverage the connections you can build on social media for free, you will be rewarded by readers that quickly turn into fans and champions for your novels.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a social media platform that was inherently designed for your growth? Guess what! There is: Instagram.When you’re using Instagram the right way, your account is primed for growth due to native explore features and shared notifications that make your profile easily discoverable. That means it could be easier for you to grow on Instagram than any other popular social media platform.

There’s nothing like Instagram for creating free, organic growth that you can use to specifically target your next potential fans and customers.

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Bex Skoog (formerly Bex Gorsuch) is a professional book blogger and Instagram coach who, when she’s not connecting readers with their next great read, helps authors learn the ins and outs of their social media platforms, online book marketing strategies, and branding. She has been seen on publications like the Self Publishing Formula Podcast, BookSparks, the Literary Edit, and Inverse. Author Influence is her flagship course which teaches authors everything they need to know about successful book marketing on Instagram. For a limited time, she has made a free introductory course available. You can sign up for the free 3-day email course here.

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