How to Read More Books: 11 Simple tricks I use to read 100+ books a year

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tag: How to Read More Books: 11 Simple tricks I use to read 100+ books a year

#1 – Always have a book with you.

You should always have a book within reach. Keep your current read or eBook in your bag, in your car, or even near your favorite corner of the couch.

#2 – Take advantage of the little moments.

It’s not just binge reading that gets the pages turning, it’s taking advantage of the little moments. Whether you’re in line at the grocery store, sitting in the waiting room at your dentist, or on your commute, put down your phone and just read! Five to ten minutes here and there over the course of a day is key to helping you read more books.

#3 – Put the kindle app on your phone.

Grab your phone and download the Kindle app. That way you can read your eBooks whenever you want! It makes taking advantage of the little moments way easier and the pages will fly! If people wonder why you aren’t texting back, just tell them you’re busy reading!

#4 – Make the choice to read at breakfast or lunch (or both!).

Take the 15-20 minutes you spend eating breakfast or lunch to read from your latest book. It’s almost meditational and helps your reset for the day. I’m a huge fan of reading during lunch myself!

#5 – If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

So many people feel guilty for starting a book and not finishing it. Don’t. Give yourself permission not to finish. If you’re 50 pages into a book and still not feeling it, kick it to the curb and don’t look back. Why waste your time reading something you don’t even like? You’ll take way longer suffering through it than you will tossing it aside and finding a book you really love.

#6 – Read more than one word at a time.

This is a technique I picked up naturally as a child. I honestly didn’t realize that most people read one word at a time. To me that sounds extremely slow and almost painful! Over time, you can train yourself to read multiple words at once. Let your eyes glide smoothly over a page instead stopping and starting at every word. You have to be patient for this trick! But to give you an example: at the beginning of 2017 I read 2-3 words at a time. At the end of 2017 I’m reading 4-6 at a time. It will happen naturally the more you read!

#7 – Audiobooks. Listen to them.

Audiobooks are so underestimated. But I’m telling you right here and now, chores have never been so fun. All those mindless tasks we hate, like washing dishes or folding laundry, are now approximately 1000 times more fun. You can also listen in the car on your way to and from work! No more radio ads! Just the open road and your current read.

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#8 – Share what you’re reading with friends.

Sharing what you’re reading with friends works for a few reasons. One, it’s just more fun. You can connect over favorite characters and hear other readers’ thoughts. Two, it adds a layer of accountability. If you post what you’re reading on Facebook or Instagram you might feel a little more inclined to finish it. Everyone knows, after all.

#9 – Buddy read.

An added level to sharing what you’re reading with friends is having a buddy read! These are really fun to do with popular books. Find a friend with a similar interest and read a book together. You can set a schedule or let each other go at their own pace. Either way, it’s such a blast to receive a text rejoicing over a scene you just read or fangirling over a favorite character.

#10 – Reward yourself.

When I was a kid, my mom created a reward system for my sister and I based on the number of pages we read during the summer months. I’m convinced this is an integral part of what made me such a fast reader. You can and should make a reading reward system for yourself. What is that one thing that’s been sitting un-purchased in your Amazon cart for the past few months? Set yourself a page number goal. Once you reach that number, you can buy it! I suggest a goal based on total pages read as opposed to total books read. Some books are long, some are short, but you should reward yourself for all of them.

#11 – Display your books.

Sure, this may be a case of monkey see, monkey do. But it does help you read more books. If you display books in your home it sends a message to yourself, “I am a reader.” You are more likely to pick up a book, and appreciate those books you have read, if you share them proudly on display.

Do you have any tricks or tips for how to read more books? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “How to Read More Books: 11 Simple tricks I use to read 100+ books a year”

  1. I keep a nightstand book. It’s not something I read anywhere else–just when I’m in bed, usually waiting for my wife to finish brushing her teeth or taking off her makeup. It’s usually something nonfiction. For example, right now it’s “The Making of Jurassic Park.” That way I can read a page or two, and then close it without feeling like a plot point needs to be wrapped up before I can sleep.
    Maybe not the best tip, but I think you already covered all of the good ones!

  2. Loved this! One of my tips similar to the reading at brekkie or lunch, but to read daily. I set a time, normally when son goes to bed. No matter whether I feel like reading or not, I set an hour for reading…more often than not, I don’t stop at an hour.

  3. Hey Angelica!
    I so appreciate that you really set aside time for reading. That’s something I might have to adopt! My schedule has gotten crazy over this month as we plan for our wedding 🙂

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