How to Get Book Bloggers to Review Your Book

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Whether it’s your first book or your twentieth, engaging with social media influencers and bloggers should be an integral part of your strategy to promote your novel. Book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and booktubers are making waves in the publishing world, offering authors access to their audiences which number in the thousands.

In case you’re not yet hip on the lingo:

Book bloggers: an all encompassing term for anyone who writes consistently about books
Bookstagrammers: Book bloggers who post about books on Instagram (try searching for #bookstagram)
Booktubers: Book bloggers who post about books on YouTube (try searching for ‘booktube’)

How do you get book bloggers to review your book? 

Write a great review request email (find out how here).

Book reviewers can receive multiple review request emails in any given day. Make yours stand out by knowing exactly what to include and learning how to make your message memorable. Learn how here.

Leave a genuine comment on their blog or on a few of their social posts.

Social media engagement matters. Book bloggers are more likely to respond to your review request if you have interacted with them on social media or on their blog. Leave a sincere, conversational comment on one of their posts and give their account(s) a follow.

Have a well-organized online presence.

Book reviewers, like publishers, are more inclined to work with an author or writer who has an established online presence. It’s not follower count that matters most. Rather, it’s the value of your social media presence which should follow the established guidelines for quality, consistency, and community. If you’d like to learn more about how to properly build and manage your online presence then do yourself a favor and subscribe. I’m in the process of creating numerous tools to help authors like you find more success online.

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    I enjoyed hearing you on the Self Publishing Formula podcast so I am glad to have found your blog and Instagram page.

    Looking forward to learning from, and interacting with you.

  2. Hi Andy! Thanks so much for listening to the podcast and coming over to check out my blog. I hope I can help you in some way on your journey!

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