Hashtags for Authors to Use on Instagram

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding hashtags when you’re new to the game and doing your best to learn how to be an author on Instagram. This post is intended to give you a place to start and a push in the right direction. Use these six hashtags to start exploring the potential of one of Instagram’s greatest discoverability features.

But first, how do hashtags work?

Hashtags are a way to categorize your post content. They make your content searchable within the Instagram app and therefore discoverable by your target audience. They are used to connect various users and communities by identifying common interests. It is important that the hashtags you use to support your content be relevant, timely, and searchable.

Beginner Hashtags for Authors to Use on Instagram


Use these two hashtags to browse community posts and connect with your fellow writers.


Use this hashtag on posts where you share author events, headshots, or portraits.


Use these two hashtags to connect with your target audience of readers and attract them to your posts.


Use this less-defined hashtag to increase lifestyle views and broaden your audience just a touch when sharing photos of your writing space or workflow.

Keep in mind these six hashtags are just a starting point intended to help you get going on the Instagram platform. Explore the app using these categories and find your next hashtag group set!

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