Halloween Movies I Watch Every October | 2018

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Do you have a list of Halloween movies that you try to watch every year? Here’s mine! I hope you find something below that you can add to your list in 2018, whether its an old forgotten favorite, a move you’ve always meant to watch, or something you haven’t heard of yet. Enjoy!



A father-daughter duo move into the local haunted mansion and confront the family of ghosts that live there. If I were to buy any house from a movie it would be this one, I would even take the spirits with it. A library to die for, hidden rooms, trap doors—and that front entry hall! Can you call me a realtor?

Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson sisters rise again one Halloween night after a town virgin lights the black candle. Hijinks, a talking black cat, spells, witchcraft, and even a musical number from star Bette Midler. What’s not to love?

Monster House

There’s always one house on the block that every kid avoids. In this case, it’s home to a reclusive old man. At times, the house itself seems to have a spirit all its own. This movie is sweet, funny, and largely underrated on the Halloween movie scene!

The Addams Family

An eccentric family’s lifestyle is threatened when a mother/son team conspire to steal the family fortune. Little do they know, they’ve met their match.
Relationship goals = Morticia + Gomez Addams.
Role Model: Wednesday Addams.
Butler Goals = Lurch.
‘Nuf said.

The Goonies

A group of misfit kids conspire together to find the local buried treasure before a group of thieves finds it first. This is a movie you couldn’t make today. If you haven’t seen it since you were a kid yourself, you’ll be surprised just how delightfully offensive it is. Happy treasure hunting!


Young Frankenstein

Some critics call this the funniest movie ever made. A cult classic, you’ve got to appreciate the genius of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder in order to fully enjoy its mirth. If you do, this will have you howling all night long.

Shaun of the Dead

A 30-year-old electronics salesmen going nowhere fast is forced to save himself, his weird best friend, and his ex-girlfriend when the zombie apocalypse gets them locked in at the local pub.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

A horror television personality comes to a small, conservative town to claim her inheritance after the passing of her mysterious great aunt. She moves into a grand Victorian home; a small, strange dog and secret book of “recipes” in tow. The buxom beauty clashes with the fuddy-duddy PTA moms and concerned locals, all amidst a plot from a local who’s out to steal the secret book and gain power as a warlock.

MUST WATCH 1990’s 

Practical Magic

Based on a book by Alice Hoffman, in this movie two sisters struggle to get past the family curse that means death for any man who falls in love with an Owens woman. This is one of my happy movies, I could watch it a hundred times and never get tired.

Interview with the Vampire

A vampire chronicles his eternal life to an interviewer, sharing every dark detail. Based on the bestselling book by Anne Rice, this movie (or book) is a perfect movie to watch anytime of year but particularly in October.

Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp stuns in his performance as Edward Scissorhands, the long-isolated creation of a reclusive inventor who must learn to cope with society after he is taken in by a suburban family.

The Craft

One of the best witch movies in existence for teens and young adults, considered by some to be a cult classic. A group of four girls band together to form a powerful witch coven, but with power comes greed. One young woman must fight her way to the top, or die at the hands of her friends.

That’s all for my Halloween movie list! I try to watch each of these every year and I have an absolute blast revisiting these old favorites. What is one of your favorite Halloween movies? Should I add it to my must-watch list this year?

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