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Honest Book Reviews

I’m not here to discuss themes, motifs, and symbols. I’ll leave that to your Literature teacher or that overzealous woman at your monthly book club. What I am here to do is give clear, concise, and honest reviews about books.

All reviews are 700 words or less and take an average of 2 minutes to read.

How did it make me feel? What did it remind me of? Were the characters worth getting to know? Was it fast or slow? Beautiful or disturbing? Quick answers for readers looking for their next great read – no more, no less. (Well, that’s not entirely true, as they may also contain a cheesy joke, quippy one liner, obscure reference, or humorous comparison)

Take a look at the latest, and let me know what YOU think. This site is a conversation piece, not a bulletin board. Join in and have fun, this is for you. 

Book Talk

Discussions of bookish news, recipes, humor, fandom love, Instagram features, recommendations – the list goes on. If it involves books, I’ve got it.

Blogger and Author Resources

Do you need advice for getting your blog or book off the ground? I’m offering you everything I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully you can skip the frustrations of getting your work out there and get straight to the good stuff.
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