Where to Find Book Bloggers to Review Your Book

tag: Where to Find Book Bloggers to Review Your Book

By now you’ve learned how engaging with social media influencers and book bloggers can significantly add to the success of your novel. You know how to write a great review request email and how to get book bloggers to review your work. But how exactly do you find those industrious book bloggers who would be a good fit for your book?

Book Blogger Lists

There are two prominent book blogger list directories. These are not a perfect solution, as they can be difficult to navigate, but are one of the most often used platforms for finding book bloggers.

  1. The Book Blogger List
  2. Book Blogger Listing

Instagram Search

A great visual way to look for a high quality book bloggers is to search via Instagram under hashtags:

  1. #bookstagram
  2. #bookblogger

If you see a photo you like:

  1. Click on it and take a look at the Instagrammer’s profile
  2. Determine if the books they are posting are relevant to your book’s genre
  3. If you like what you see send an email using the contact button in their profile (or send a Direct Message if an email address is not listed). Be sure to use my template for writing the best possible review request email!
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Reviewers on Goodreads

Goodreads is a social platform for book lovers where they can post reviews, interact with authors, join groups, save books they want to read, and mark books they have read. Goodreads houses more than 50 million users and is a great place to find book reviewers.

  1. Search for a book in the same genre as your work
  2. Read some of the reviews listed
  3. Find a review you like and navigate to the reviewers profile
  4. Send the Goodreads user a message with your review request

All of these methods will require time and effort on your part. But learning how to find book bloggers is a crucial part of the process for promoting your book. Make sure your hard work pays off – don’t forget to write a great review request email! You can find out how here.


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