The Bedside Book of Beasts

The Bedside Book of Beasts

A Wildlife Miscellany for the Ages

Author of The Bedside Book of Birds returns with a wildlife miscellany to explore the patterns of predator versus prey with a mysticism and lore that awakens the primal imagination in every reader. This is a beautiful collection, composed within a quality-crafted book, one that will be a welcome addition to any nature lover’s shelves. It is defined as a miscellany and lives up to its name. It contains letters, journal entries, poems, anecdotes, local lore, and more.

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About the Book

The intricate, complex connection between the hunter and the hunted has defined animal life on Earth throughout time. In The Bedside Book of Beasts, Graeme Gibson gathers from all eras and cultures works of art and literature that capture the power, grace, and inventiveness of both predators and their natural prey. Here are myths, fables, poetry, generous excerpts from nature and travel writing, journals, sacred texts, and works of fiction. There are vivid descriptions of noteworthy predators — including the big cats, bears, wolves — but also the small but voracious praying mantis. Gibson also brings to life the experiences, strategies, and emotions of vulnerable prey, and paints intriguing portraits of such legendary evil beasts as the Minotaur, Grendel, and the Biblical Leviathan. All of this is enhanced by a breathtaking array of art, both traditional and contemporary, as well as scientific, religious, and mythological drawings, paintings, and woodcuts.

In The Bedside Book of Beasts Gibson evokes a profound sense of the eternal, often unsettling, connection between the human animal and the free, untamed beasts of the wilderness.

Series: Best Nonfiction Science Books
Genre: Nonfiction
ASIN: 0385524595
ISBN: 0385524595
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About the Author
Graeme Gibson

Graeme C. Gibson, is a Canadian novelist who lives in Toronto, Ontario. He is a Member of the Order of Canada (1992) and was one of the organizers of the Writer's Union of Canada (chair, 1974–75). He is also a founder of the Writers' Trust of Canada, a non-profit literary organization that seeks to encourage Canada's writing community.

He is generally best known for his 1973 book Eleven Canadian Novelists, a non-fiction work in which he conducted extended interviews about literature and writing with Margaret AtwoodAustin ClarkeMatt CohenMarian EngelTimothy FindleyDave GodfreyMargaret LaurenceJack LudwigAlice MunroMordecai Richler and Scott Symons.

In 1996 he decided to stop writing novels. He is a former council member of World Wildlife Fund Canada and is chairman of Pelee Island Bird Observatory. He was awarded, jointly with Jacob Verhoef and Margaret Atwood, the 2015 Gold Medal of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

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