The 5AM Miracle

The 5AM Miracle

A resource guide for high achievers

The 5 AM Miracle offers you a plan to focus on what matters most, and get more done. It shows how to reap the incredible benefits of early rising, from demolishing your to-do list to making time for your passion projects.

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About the Book

With it’s 7-step system, this easy-to-follow guide teaches you how to systematically create a healthy, balanced lifestyle and achieve your grandest goals. Packed with tips, tricks and proven strategies for success, The 5 AM Miracle explains how and why you should:

  • Create an evening boundary for work
  • Plan tomorrow on paper tonight
  • Boost energy all day
  • Drink 1 liter of water and a green smoothie every morning
  • Organize annual goals in 3-month chunks
  • Use a task manager to track projects
From the Author
After podcasting 18 months about early mornings, healthy habits, and rockin’ productivity I was asked to write a book about those same topics. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spell out my entire system in one comprehensive manual.

To put it simply, this book is all about action. It’s not a novel. It’s not a passive read. This is a workbook, an action guide, and a step-by-step system to help you achieve your grandest goals.

I’m so excited to share these strategies with you and I hope it has an enormous impact on you, whether you choose to wake up at 5:00 am or not (which, by the way, is totally optional!).

– Jeff Sanders
The fun begins bright and early!

Series: Short Audiobooks
Genre: Self Development
ASIN: B016TX5826
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