Life Above the Jungle Floor

Life Above the Jungle Floor

A Biologist Explores A Strange and Hidden Treetop World

Long has the jungle been a source of mystery and magic. For ages man has marveled at its twisting depths, its power, and also its unexpected vulnerability. You’ve heard tell of newly discovered species in the amazon and the incredible biodiversity that seems to burst forth from every available crevice. Even the soil seems to have an environment of its own.

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For the first time in history biologist Donald Perry decided to push jungle exploration upwards. Instead of examining the jungle floor, he devised a net system of ropes, with the help of mountain climbing skills, that allowed him to be the first to explore the topmost layer of the rainforest. What he found amount those treetops was a hidden world of discovery, a environment all its own. Life Above the Jungle Floor is part adventure story, part scientific study. The New York times Book Review called Donald Perry, “the Jacques Cousteau of the tropical rain forest.”

Series: Best Nonfiction Science Books
Genre: Nonfiction
ASIN: 0671544543
ISBN: 0671544543
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