Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Satire of a Revolution Gone Wrong

George Orwell's classic satire of the Russian Revolution is an intimate part of our contemporary culture, quoted so often that we tend to forget who wrote the original words. It is an account of the bold struggle that transforms Mr. Jones' Manor Farm into Animal Farm, a wholly democratic society built on the credo that All Animals Are Created Equal.

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All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.’

Mr Jones of Manor Farm is so lazy and drunken that one day he forgets to feed his livestock. The ensuing rebellion under the leadership of the pigs Napoleon and Snowball leads to the animals taking over the farm. Vowing to eliminate the terrible inequities of the farmyard, the renamed Animal Farm is organised to benefit all who walk on four legs. But as time passes, the ideals of the rebellion are corrupted, then forgotten. And something new and unexpected emerges. . .

Animal Farm – the history of a revolution that went wrong – is George Orwell’s brilliant satire on the corrupting influence of power.

Series: Books Like 1984
Genre: Classic
ASIN: 0151072558
ISBN: 0141036133

I have no idea why I didn’t read this sooner! It was a very entertaining audiobook that I could have listened to in one sitting. I can’t really fault it.
Oh, how I love these kind of books that are incredibly quick and easy reads that simultaneously hold a revolutionary, multi-layered and eye-opening message. Animal Farm was this kind of book.
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