5 Audiobooks Every Book Lover Should Try

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So many book lovers shy away from audiobooks – and they’re missing out! Maybe you’ve had a bad experience, maybe you’re really picky about narrators (me too), or maybe you don’t think it counts as “real” reading. 

If the latter is the case, let me stop you right there. Audiobooks absolutely count as “real” reading. And it’s convenient too! Now I can wash dishes, fold laundry, knit that misshapen scarf I’ve been working on for the last three years, all while happily listening to a story. 

Ready to give audiobooks a chance? The choices are endless, but I’m here to help. Here are 5 audiobooks to try for audiophile newbies and seasoned listeners alike. 

For Classic Horror Fans
Dracula by Bram Stoker – Full cast version

The vampire legacy that started it all performed by an all-star cast, including Tim Curry and Alan Cumming. What else could you want? More than just the novel that gave the vampire phenomenon its teeth, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its powerful romance and modern writing style. This audiobook bumped Dracula to the top of my list for favorite classic literature. 

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For Science Fiction Fanatics
Lexicon by Max Barry

Look – I really can’t give you a better description than the one on the cover:

They recruited Emily Ruff from the streets. They said it was because she’s good with words.
They’ll live to regret it.
They said Wil Parke survived something he shouldn’t have. But he doesn’t remember.
Now they’re after him and he doesn’t know why.
There’s a word, they say. A word that kills.
And they want it back . . . 

Lexicon is like reading an action movie designed for book nerds. The power of words, mind games, and a main character you love to hate. What more could a sci-fi junky want? 


For Fantasy Lovers
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Let me guess – you’ve been meaning to read this legendary series for ages but still haven’t gotten around to it? I’ve just solved your problem. Try a listen instead of a read. Some books are even better that way! The Lord of the Rings is one of them. 

For Historical Fiction Connoisseurs
Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

All lives are made better with the introduction of Scarlett-isms. Soon you too will be saying “Oh, Rhett!,” “I can’t think about that right now, I’ll think about that tomorrow,” and “I’ll never go hungry again.” This classic civil war era fiction is a sweeping epic of love, loss, and one woman you’ll never forget. 

For Thrill Seekers
Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Few things are more fun than listening to  thriller via audiobook. The first time I tried it I made excuses to drive around the block one more time, not ready to stop listening!

Is she victim or vigilante? Best-selling thriller author Lisa Gardner returns with one of my favorite suspense novels. For 472 days Flora Dane was held captive. She survived. After spending five years readjusting to the rhythms of normal life, she is unable to leave her past behind. After acting out vigilante behavior against three crime suspects, Flora soon discovers that a far more serious predator is waiting for her – one who will do anything to make sure she doesn’t survive this time. 

Enough with the excuses already!

Try an audiobook! Folding laundry will never be the same. 

Have an audiobook recommendation for me? Leave it in the comments below, fellow audiophile!

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Bex Skoog

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