4 Simple Tips to Refresh Your Instagram in 2019

Let’s be honest. We use spring as an excuse for reorganizing or clearing out the clutter from our lives, but in reality we can do this sort of check-in any time of year—no matter the season.

If you realize it’s been a while since you took a look at the clutter not just in your physical world, but in your digital world as well, then I’ll hope you’ll use this friendly guide for a little Instagram refresh.

Listed below are four easy ways for you to reevaluate your Instagram account in 2019. Each of them are simple, thoughtful, and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to consider. From there you can outline your next steps and make a plan for your profile that I hope will lead you to more success on Instagram than ever before.

If you’re ready, go ahead and grab your phone to pull up your Instagram app. But don’t get distracted by those notification alerts! We’ve got work to do!

We’re going to go through our Instagram profiles and ask ourselves a few questions:

#1 – Am I happy with my Instagram bio?

Bios are one of those things that most of us set it and forget it. And that’s actually a good thing! If your bio is working well and you’re happy with how it presents you to the world, keep it!

However, if it’s been a while since you really thought about what you have written there, then take this time to reconsider. After all, your bio is a big part of what makes potential followers press that follow button—or not.

It’s all part of your first impression. Are you presenting yourself well?

Ask yourself:

  • Does my bio correlate with what I share on my account? Do they make sense together?
  • Am I making the most out of 150 characters?

#2 – What am I linking to in my url field?

If you use Linktree (or something similar, I just use a dedicated mobile link page here on my website) consider these points:

  • Order of Links
    What link is your top priority to share? Your blog? A featured post? Your YouTube channel?
    Put your most important link first and make sure all your links are placed in order of priority.
  • Included Links
    It’s easy to let your links go unchecked over time. Maybe you featured a particular URL for a time and then forgot about it. It happens! Take this time to get rid of any irrelevant entries. If they don’t serve their purpose anymore, it’s time to delete them or swap them out for more recent projects.

#3 – When is the last time I updated my Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are another area that is so easy to neglect. Take this time to have a little check in with how you’re using this feature. Go through your:

  • Highlight Covers
    Do your covers fit your overall aesthetic? Do you still like the style you chose the last time you made them? If so, great! Leave them be. If not, consider mixing it up.
  • Highlight Categories
    Are your highlight tabs putting your best content forward? Consider what topics you’re currently putting forward as some of the first things potential new followers will see. Do they make sense with your overall goals?

Next step? Switch out content from your archive for more up to date features.

This doesn’t mean you have to delete everything. Simply watch your own stories, decide what can go, then flip through your archive to see what else you can add or swap out for more timely, relevant content.

#4 – Am I happy with who I am Following?

Maybe you pressed follow on some accounts a few months ago–or even years ago!–and you’ve realized their content lately isn’t really bringing you any benefits. If so, it’s time for a cull.

This last point depends on your Instagram philosophy. I personally try to keep my Following number very focused. This way I can be engaged with those accounts I do choose to follow and not be bombarded with content that I don’t necessarily derive value from. I follow accounts if: I like the person behind it AND/OR I find their content engaging/inspirational/enlivening. Everyone else has to go.

Harsh? Maybe. But I believe in being thoughtful about how I spend my time online and being mindful about what content I choose to engage with.

Ultimately, how you use Instagram is up to you.

Consider this last step optional, if you like. But if there are a few accounts whose content you’re just not feeling anymore or accounts who post things that negatively impact your day in any way, consider pressing that unfollow button.

Similarly, take this time as a reason to seek out new accounts.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and go into the explore tab. Find 1-5 new accounts to take a chance on. If you like what they’re posting, give them a follow! This will give you something new to look forward to in your feed and a new person to get to know. After all, if it turns out you don’t like what they’re posting you can always unfollow. It’s up to you!

I hope this has helped you refresh your Instagram for the spring season (or any time of year really) and that you’re feeling emboldened by looking through your content. After all, so much creative effort is put into Instagram projects. It’s important to celebrate all that hard work: remember past projects, think about all you’ve already accomplished, and be inspired for future posts.

If you found this Instagram guide helpful, please share it with a friend.

And if you made changes I would love to see them! Simply drop me a line via Instagram story, DM, or comment at @outofthebex—it would be great to connect with you!

Thanks for reading!


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