Unboxing & Review of The Nocturnal Reader’s Box November 2017 – Book Box for Horror Lovers

tag: Unboxing & Review of The Nocturnal Reader’s Box November 2017 – Book Box for Horror Lovers

Every month I unbox the best book subscription box for lovers of Horror, SciFi, and Mystery/Thrillers. Namely, The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. I’m not sure how they pull it off, but every month seems better than the last. 

Psst… if you’re really just here for my The Nocturnal Reader’s Box discount code, and it’s really okay if you are, here it is! NOCTURNALBEX — Want me to make this even easier for you? No problem. Here’s the link to their subscribe page, I know you’re looking for it. 

UNBOXING the Nocturnal Reader’s Box November

Here we go! The Nocturnal Reader’s Box November items are listed below. 

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Book 1: We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone by Ronald Malfi
A collection of short stories I’m warned NOT to read in the dark. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy!

Book 2: The Wilderness Within by Jean-Claude Smith

Game of Throne’s Night’s Watch Beanie
This might be my favorite item from The Nocturnal Reader’s Box November, but I have to confess I almost always give preferential treatment to their creepily crafted enamel pins.


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Hell House themed coffee blend by Coffee Shop of Horrors
This horror-inspired coffee has an Apple Strudel flavor. It’s up to my significant other to test this one, since I can’t drink coffee.

Shirley Jackson themed throw pillow cover
The quote reads “I delight in what I fear.”

Pennant banner for horror readers by 2 Ghouls Press

Enamel pin inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie
I am obsessed with The Nocturnal Reader’s Box enamel pins. This one has an added level of cool because—get this—it moves. Yep, that little bucket of pig’s blood actually “splashes” the blood in and out. Pretty cool. 


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Art Print by Chris Galen inspired by the Hellraiser films 

That’s it for The Nocturnal Reader’s Box November! Are you curious about what’s been included in other boxes? Check out my video playlist of unboxings here. 

Ready to join the dark side? Subscribe to the Nocturnal Reader’s Box here, but don’t forget my discount code! 


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