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The Nocturnal Readers Box Review and Unboxing – January 2018

tag: The Nocturnal Readers Box Review & Unboxing – January 2018

UNBOXING The Nocturnal Reader’s Box // January 2018

Book 1: Hell Hound by Ken Greenhall

Hell Hound is a revived classic about a sociopathic dog on the hunt for the perfect master. Greenhall has a more subtle horror style, dealing with the terror of the mind rather than the flesh… a much more frightening notion in my opinion. 

The Nocturnal Readers Box // Hell Hound by Ken Greenhall

Book 2: Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester

This beautifully executed cover contains a collection of spooky short stories, sure to keep you up past your bedtime. 

The Nocturnal Readers Box // Everything That's Underneath Book Cover


Edgar Allen Poe Coasters

I’m very tempted to use these on our most conservative house guests just to see what happens…

tnrb - poe coasters - the nocturnal readers box january 2018

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Bookmark Inspired by Ania Ahlborn’s horror novel Brother

Just in case you were looking for a recipe involving human flesh, here you go. This bookmark is a reference to a horror novel by Ania Ahlborn which surrounds a family of serial killers. 

Poe-Bat-Cat Pin

This unusual, but perfectly fitting, mashup is the best way to celebrate Poe’s birthday month. The Black Cat is my favorite of Poe’s short stories, so I’m glad to have this little token of the macabre.

Exclusive The Nocturnal Readers Box Socks featuring Rosemary’s Baby 

These are by far the most terrifying socks I own. 

Otto’s Pet Resort Keychain
Inspired by Ania Ahlborn’s horror novel The Devil Crept In

This is a delightfully subtle reference to Ahlborn’s popular novel which studies the strange happenings in a nearby wood and the unusual boy who causes them. 

Bates Motel Magnet

As a huge fan of the Hitchcock film Pyscho, I can’t wait to show this magnet proudly on the kitchen fridge. I love the colors in this design. It looks perfectly normal until you take a second glance. 

Art Print 

This art print is absolutely stunning. I would frame this in an instant!


That’s it for this The Nocturnal Reader’s Box review! Are you curious about what’s been included in other boxes? Check out my video playlist of unboxings

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