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Smugglers & Scones: A Moorehaven Mystery Book Review

Love old fashioned mysteries set in seaside inns, quirky characters, and any reference to freshly baked scones?

Me too. That’s why I was more than happy to read Smugglers & Scones when author Morgan C. Talbot reached out to me for an honest review. Quickly becoming one of my favorite books of 2017 so far, Smugglers & Scones is full of secrets, heroic plots, enviable friendships, and the sorts of characters you wish you knew in real life.

Book Description

Pippa Winterbourne runs Moorehaven, the Oregon Coast’s quirkiest bed-and-breakfast and former home of world-famous mystery writer A. Raymond Moore. Guests come there to write their own crime novels. When a real-life murder takes a local’s life and washes a handsome boat pilot into her arms, Pippa is yanked into a deadly plot of her own. A tangle of secrets crashes past into present, and Pippa must uncover clues dating back to Seacrest’s Prohibition days, including a secret Moore himself hid from the world. Juggling her book-writing guests, small-town intrigues, secret club agendas, and a possibly fatal attraction, Pippa must sort fact from fiction to know who to trust before a desperate killer claims a final revenge nearly a century in the making.

Talbot skillfully allows the reader feel at home while in the throes of a classic murder mystery. Although devious plots are afoot, the small town feel, cozy bed and breakfast vibe, and hilarious characters make for a happy, enjoyable read. You can bet that if a real-life Moorehaven Bed & Breakfast opened shop, I’d be booking my trip before you could say, “Another scone, please.”

The internal dialogue of Pippa Winterbourne as she awkwardly, and adorably, attempts to keep herself from falling in love with the rescued boat pilot forced me to laugh in very public and inappropriate places. I’m proud to say I received some very concerned looks on public transportation when giggling at a particularly humorous passage. I’m not insane, I’m just reading.

Setting the novel in a historic, small Oregon town allowed Talbot to pull from too-fun-to-resist aspects of the more classic mystery genre, including a hidden prohibition era tavern, secret clubs, and Morehaven itself. If you’re in for a good laugh, a fun mystery, and bonus scone recipes then take this for a spin. Click the cover to get your copy:

Out of 10

Good Things

  • Humorous Writing Style
  • Fun To Read
  • Friendly Characters
  • SCONES!!!

Bad Things

  • Plot line got a bit cloudy at times

The Breakdown

Writing Style

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