Random House Book List – July/August 2017

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Each and every month I collaborate with my friends at Random House by selecting up to four books. These books are featured here on my blog, Instagram, and YouTube – but the hardest part? Picking the books!

(psst… these books were released in July, but selected and read in August)

The Marriage Pact
by Michelle Richmond


Newlyweds Alice and Jake seem to be the perfect couple. They decide to join an exclusive, mysterious group known only as The Pact. And membership? It’s for life. The Pact’s sole purpose is to keep marriages happy and intact. How? Through a strict set of rules. At first Alice and Jake enjoy the sense of community and the level of commitment it seems to nourish, but then one of them breaks a rule.

Some rules are not meant to be broken and this couple is about to find out to just what lengths The Pact will go. 

Why I’m Interested

Who can help being intrigued by the promise of an inside look into a mysterious, secretive group? Nobody. Which is exactly why Richmond’s The Marriage Pact sounds so good! Add the sometimes tumultuous nature of a newlywed couple into the mix and I’m sold.

In the Days of Rain
by Rebecca Stott


In this telling memoir, Rebecca Stott recounts her adolescence as a 4th-generation member of the English extremist cult known as “The Exclusive Brethren.” This overtly religious group believes that the world is ruled by Satan and should be shunned. Though Rebecca’s father was a high-ranking member, he did not always practice what he preached. Rebecca too was filled with the same doubt. As a child she was always asking dangerous questions. In the Days of Rain explores the complicated relationship Stott shared with her father and the lasting impact the constraints of her youth had on the rest of her life. 

Why I’m Interested

From the Manson Family to the Children of God, society is obsessed with the study of cults. My google search turned up 38 million results alone. Enough of an impact for you? We can’t help but wonder how these strange, often dangerous, cults come into existence. Why do they choose to separate so severely from society? Where do their often idealist values turn wrong? These are complicated questions. Questions we try to answer through the revelation of true stories like In the Days of Rain from Rebecca Stott. 

by Kathy Reichs


Sunday Night is a woman scarred. She has spent years building herself into a person who needs nothing and no one. But a girl has gone missing and they need Sunday’s help to find her. In a search for a girl too similar to herself, Sunday must face her demons and discover her own devastating truth. 

Why I’m Interested

I recognize Kathy Reich’s name from the credits of the popular television show Bones. A show that got me through many a late night of studying during university. I can’t help but wonder what this highly successful author has to offer. I have never read her work – Two Nights will be my first. I make a study of strong female characters and hope that Sunday Night lives up to my expectations in Reich’s latest thriller. 

by Susie Steiner


Detective Manon Bradshaw handles only cold cases. She’s five months pregnant after all, and doing her best to create a decent work-life balance. But when a murder takes place just outside the police station where she works, she can’t help but get involved. As the pieces come together, Detective Bradshaw’s life begins to come apart. She finds herself more closely linked to the man’s death than she ever imagined.

Why I’m Interested

Police procedurals are the life blood of any thriller/suspense loving reader. They stock our bookshelves like flour stocks are kitchens – they’re just something we’ve got to have. After the success of the Steiner’s first novel, I’m curious to see what she’s come up with in her latest – and hopefully greatest. 

That’s it for this month’s Random House book list!

Will you be reading any of these this month? 

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