Psychological Thriller Review: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

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Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica Book Review

Clara and Nick Solberg are a couple madly in love after years at one another’s side. They already have an imaginative little girl, Maisie, and Clara has just given birth to their newborn son, Felix. A knock on the door brings Clara devastating news just days after returning home from the hospital. Nick, her beloved husband, has been killed in a violent car crash on his way home. He had been bringing home takeout for his exhausted wife with young Maisie. Two police officers escort Clara to identify the body. Clara is devastated and shocked at the sudden loss, though she feels relieved to find Maisie has escaped the horrific accident with barely a scratch.

At first, Clara is willing to accept the painful suggestion that it was Nick’s own reckless driving which caused the fatal accident. But then Maisie starts behaving strangely. She can hardly sleep after the accident. She wakes from night terrors, locking herself in bedrooms and bathrooms to hide from who she calls “the bad man.”

Shaken by her daughter’s reaction to this calamitous twist of fate, Clara starts to convince herself that some truth must lie in Maisie’s panic attacks. Could “the bad man” be something more than a creation of her child’s overactive imagination?

Crushed with grief and looking for someone to blame, Clara sets out on a mission to discover the truth. She may not like what she finds.

Told through alternating perspectives following Nick through the months leading up to the accident and Clara afterward as she struggles to piece together what may have caused her husband’s death. Mary Kubica once again delivers a page-turning psychological thriller. How far will one grief-stricken wife go to find the truth? And what will she do once she finds it?


Practiced thriller author Mary Kubica has an eerie talent for writing characters you feel you might know. They could just as easily lift off the page and be your neighbor, the postman, or even your best friend, than simply a character in a book. It’s this subtle talent that allows Kubica’s readers a unique insight into the minds of her characters. Any reader could relate to Clara’s thoughts and actions as she works to uncover the truth of her husband’s death. With Nick so human and Clara so real, readers will find themselves comparing the pair to their own lives.

The pacing of Every Last Lie is admittedly slower that Kubica’s previous novels. However, the added time spent laying the groundwork is all-important to the integrity of the story and worth the added effort. The conclusion is similar in style to Kubica’s debut novel and bestseller, The Good Girl. Both have endings that some readers will love, and some readers will be stumped by. If you love one Mary Kubica book, you’ll love them all.

Would you recommend this?

Every Last Lie is for readers who enjoy explorations into the mind. Kubica’s work falls under psychological suspense for good reason. This author possesses one of the most adept understandings into psychological motivations of our time. For this reason, her work is not suspenseful in action, but in thought. If you are intrigued by cognitive deviations, Mark Kubica’s work is for you.  

The Bottom Line:

I will read Mary Kubica novels as long as she graces us with writing them. Every Last Lie is harrowing portrait of a woman driven to her limit by the raging waves of overwhelming grief. Click the cover below to get your copy.

LENGTH: 336 Pages
Publisher: Park Row Books (June 27, 2017)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica. Keep scrolling for a pro/con list and rating breakdown.

THRILLER REVIEW: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

Good Things

  • Exquisitely written characters
  • Admirable grasp of grief
  • Well composed plot

Bad Things

  • Ending will divide readers
  • Slower pace

The Breakdown

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