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Page-Turning Psychological Thriller: Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

Craving an artfully crafted psychological thriller?

Look no further than bestselling author Mary Kubica’s latest: Don’t You Cry. Kubica’s strongest gift is her uncanny ability to write thrilling plots that are not only plausible, but very possible.

It’s a trend in all three of Kubica’s published works: the ability to make it all seem very, very real. I feel almost as though a friend is whispering this story in my ear over coffee, or brunch, or wherever it is these days that girlfriends spread gossip. One of those stories you hear about a friend of a friend of a friend, which horrifies you just enough to gasp aloud and protest an enthralled, “No!,” as you reach to take a sip of your two-shot vanilla latte and lean in with wide eyes to hear more. Shocking. And always satisfying.

Book Description:

Straight-laced Esther Vaughan disappears from her Chicago apartment without a trace, leaving her more callow roommate to put together the pieces that are more sinister at every turn, including a mysterious letter which forces Quinn Collins to question how well she really knew the woman she thought of as her best friend. Meanwhile, a stranger appears in a small town an hour outside of Chicago. She’s caught the interest of 18-year-old Alex Gallo, motherless son of the town drunk, who’s schoolkid crush quickly spins into dangerous obsession. That is, until Alex realizes this mysterious woman might not be the dream-girl he thought.  As the reader gains insights from dual perspectives, they’re pulled along a twisted path until the shocking conclusion.

Mary Kubica is a must-buy author. When the need comes over me for a page-turning suspense novel I know I can count on her to push me over the edge. Just when you think you know exactly what’s going on – you don’t. You have no idea. Turn those pages until they reach the next chapter, you won’t be disappointed.

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Out of 10

Good Things

  • Well-crafted imagery
  • Suspenseful plot line
  • Fun, quick read
  • Relatable characters (and not always in a way you'll be proud of)

Bad Things

  • Mildly annoying side love story (but I'm a grinch)

The Breakdown

Writing Style

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