Best Mystery/Thrillers of 2017 – Book List

Tag: Best Mystery/Thrillers of 2017 – Book List

#1 – Zoe Goldman Series
Little Black Lies, The Girl Without a Name, The Secret Room
Sandra Block

In book one, Zoe Goldman is a budding psychiatrist whose newest patient is a beautiful sociopath who murdered her mother. Confronted by this dark personality, Zoe begins to question what she knows about her own birth mother. Time for answers runs out as Zoe’s adoptive mother’s memories degrade from dementia. She is taunted by dreams that hint at her dark history, but she soon realizes the true danger lies in grim reality—and it’s coming for her.

The entire Zoe Goldman series is a blast to read. Each book is fast-paced with great characters and plot lines that will keep the pages turning. How could I not give this series the top spot in my best mystery/thrillers list? I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!

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#2 – Emma in the Night
Wendy Walker

Three years ago two sisters went missing. Now one of them back with a story, a story not everyone believes. What really happened three years ago?

Emma in the Night is a fresh thriller that tackles the intricacies of narcissistic personality disorder. It’s an absolutely fascinating read and perfect for my 2017 best mystery/thrillers list.

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#3 – Good Me, Bad Me
Ali Land

The daughter of serial killer has a new name, a new life, and a new family while awaiting the trial of her mother who she turned in to the authorities for heinous crimes. But how much of who we are is nature and how much is nurture? Milly struggles to decide which version of herself to become—good me or bad me?

Good Me, Bad Me is a taut psychological thriller that questions everything about how we’re made. Can we become better? Or are we trapped by the family ties that bind us?


These are my picks for the best mystery/thrillers of 2017! Stay tuned! Every Wednesday in December I will publish my top picks for each genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thrillers, Contemporary Fiction, Horror, and Non-Fiction.

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