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#1 – Final Girls
Riley Sager

Final Girls is the best version of every cult-classic slasher flick you’ve ever loved. Sager’s sharp-edged writing style makes the pages fly by with delicious unease. A true thriller. 

A “Final Girl” is a well-known trope in horror films. She is the last woman left standing to confront the killer and survives to tell the story. Stager brings the Final Girl allusion out of the screen and onto paper in his slasher-style thriller novel of the same name. In Final Girls, three surviving women are struggling to move on with their lives after the fall out from each of their respective attacks. All three seem to be doing well. That is, until one of them turns up dead. 

With the perfect stab of classic horror, Final Girls is more than worthy of this best horror books of 2017 list. 


#2 – Little Heaven
Nick Cutter

Little Heaven is a truly disgusting horror, and I mean that as a compliment. Nick Cutter’s writing is most vivid in the moments you want least. It will leave you squirming long after the final page. What book could be better for a list of best horror books in 2017?

Three mercenaries are sent to a remote New Mexico religious settlement to check in on a young boy who may have been taken against his will. A simple rescue mission turns sinister when strange sightings occur in the surrounding woods. Paranoia and panic ensue as the children turn violent, the shapes in the forest grow closer, and all exit routes are slowly cut off.

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#3 – Home to Roost
Chauncey Rogers

By the final chapters my heart was pounding. By the end of the author’s note I had chills. This is a can’t-be-missed horror novel for fans of Stephen King and Nick Cutter – readers who enjoy the slow burn of a well-crafted work of terror.

Nestled among the green pastures of the American Heartland lies a typical farmstead whose picturesque haven is about to be disrupted. Beyond the hen house, past the open fields, and behind the barn lies the dark folds of a forest ravine. From this ominous place comes a creature. A dark creature that no one has seen, but whose lingering howls have been heard barreling over the remote fields at night. Since its arrival some of the animals have been acting strange. Some have even turned violent. 

As the days go on, humans and animals alike will discover that the true battle at hand may be against evil itself. It may be a battle they are doomed to lose.


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#4 – The Grip of It
Jac Jemc

This little house haunting is sharp, addictive, and devourable. I read it in the course of 24 hours. I’m convinced this is not only one of the best horror books of 2017, but also the best Halloween read of the year. It’s strange enough for addicts of the genre, yet approachable enough for those readers just starting to step into the dark side. 

A young couple opts for a fresh start with a new home in the country. It’s beautiful, surrounded by both lake and forest views. But from deep within their new home’s walls come a strange rumbling—and it’s not just the house settling.


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