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#1 – Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Taylor Jenkins Reid

Hollywood icon Evelyn Hugo has been a recluse for years, but now she’s ready to tell her story. Her real story. Not the version the studios made, not the tall tales of the tabloids, not even the stories Evelyn made up herself, but the truth. The truth about all seven of her husbands, how they came together and fell apart, and the reveal of the greatest love of her life. 

She chooses a struggling journalist to write her biography, though many are confused by her selection. By the end it’s revealed that Evelyn’s and this journalist’s lives are bound together in unexpected and tragic ways. 

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is fantastically written. A compulsive, fascinating page-turner that takes us into the mind of timeless Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Most of all, it explores the lives we build for ourselves: the version we show the world and the version we keep to ourselves. Strikingly written from the first page to the last, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is well deserving of the #1 spot on this list of best contemporary books  of 2017.

#2 – Something Like Happy
Eva Woods

Annie is miserable. She’s in a position no woman in her mid-30’s wants to find herself: stuck at a job she hates, living in a horrible flat (with an annoying flatmate to match), lonely, and loveless. 

When visiting her dementia-addled mother in the hospital, Anne meets Polly. Polly is adorned in a rainbow of clothing, a bright smile, and an attitude so positive it’s almost irritating. She is a cancer patient determined to spend every one of her last days doing something that makes her happy. Of course, she decides to pull reluctant Annie along for the ride. 

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 Something Like Happy is beautiful, bright, hilarious, and momentous at all the right spots—the perfect pick for best contemporary books of 2017. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and the story will stay with you long after the last page. 


#3 – Perfectly Undone
Jamie Raintree

Dr. Dylan Michels is a woman who goes after what she wants. She’s built a career out of her passion for helping others and has a crisp focus on the next rung of her career ladder. But amidst her single-minded determination, she neglects the man she’s spent almost a decade with. When Cooper proposes, it should be the happiest moment of her life—so why does she say no?Perfectly Undone examines those pivotal moments in our lives when everything must fall apart before it can be put back together.

Frankly, this is not a book I would usually pick up. But if an author can write a book that makes me relate so deeply to a character that I get teary-eyed multiple times, then she’s won. She’s done it. She deserves endless praise and a spot on my best contemporary books of 2017 list. 


#4 – The Shark Club
Ann Kidd Taylor

On a summer day in 1988, when the waves were as perfect as the Florida sunshine, two unpredictable things happen to Maeve Donelly. First, she is kissed by her first love; the boy of her childhood dreams. Second, she is bitten by a blacktip shark. The Shark Club follows Maeve, now a famous marine biologist, as she returns to her family home, rekindles a lost love, and contemplates whether or not to leave her career for the chance to be with the boy she fell in love with all those years ago. Read the full description and review here. 

 Maeve’s balancing act between her professional and personal lives mirrors the struggles faced by most modern-day working women, making The Shark Club a powerful addition to the Women’s Fiction genre. Ann Kidd Taylor has created an easy-to-read novel with an inspiring, relatable character in marine conservationist Maeve Donelly and blended in the perfect touch of beachy romance. the-shark-club-best-contemporary-books-2017-outofthebex

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