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All Our Wrong Todays Review – Time Traveling Romp by Elan Mastai

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All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai Book Review

Most genre fiction today focuses on a future gone wrong.

Instead, Elan Mastai brightens our worldview through an illustration of a future gone right. Flying cars, moon bases, and food pills. The version of the future the 1950’s generation dreamed of. Now brought to reality in an alternate 2016. In this alternate timeline, illnesses have been eradicated, innovation is the norm, and industry is always looking for the next big thing. What could that be? A time machine of course.

Even among all this technology, Tom is unhappy.

Devastated at the loss of his mother and his strained relationship with his father, our charming but underachieving narrator finds himself lonely, unaccomplished, and with no real future of his own. Even in this version of the future, happiness is not a guarantee.

After suffering a catastrophic event, Tom lets his emotions get the best of him. He does what, “anyone with a broken heart and access to their genius father’s time machine would do: something stupid.” He, of course, creates an unexpected turn of events. Even accidentally disrupting the very moment in scientific history that made his time travel possible. Tom consequently finds himself in our version of 2016. And to Tom, it’s near apocalyptic. Experiencing our world for the first time, he must find his place amidst alternate versions of his family, the love of his life, and himself. Under these circumstances Tom must determine a way to get back to the present he knows – but can he bear to leave this version of the world behind?

While sold as a time traveling romp…

All Our Wrong Todays is more an unexpected exploration into the self. Humorous yet poignant. Tom’s inner voice is rife with revelations that simultaneously cause you to laugh out loud – then pause silently to think. This unique, honest tone takes several chapters to get used to.

Like most time traveling story lines, the plot is complex and action-fueled. However, this didn’t stop Mastai from creating a largely character based novel.

Challenging the concept of all the versions of the selves we might have been, Mastai explores the pivotal moments in life, big and small, that define who you are.

An important work that will speak to the hearts of many, All Our Wrong Todays offers brutal yet familiar truths about the path to self discovery – with the added fun of time travel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai Book Review. Keep scrolling for review breakdown and pro/con list.

Good Things

  • Unique writing style
  • Character driven yet action fueled
  • Humorous yet poignant

Bad Things

  • None! Go read it!

The Breakdown

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