A Very Deadly Unboxing

Grab your grimoire, your holy water, and your rosary. This bookish box is all about what lives on “From Beyond the Grave”

January 2017 – The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

This box includes:

2 Books: House on Cold Hill and Five Stories High

I couldn’t resist reading Five Stories High right away. I have to admit, it’s getting to me. It’s so scary, I can’t even look!

3D Skull Double Shot Glass

My absolute favorite piece from this box. I could talk about the impressive quality of the glass, the unique concept, or the fact that it holds my favorite wine so well, but the fact of the matter is: it makes me feel like a badass. 


“The Hideous Heart” Candle 

This box is enabling my very bookish candle addiction, which has reached critical conditions. Send help. #noregrets

Edgar Allen Poe tote bag

Nevermore, nevermore, nevermore!!! Only the coolest macabre addicts have a Poe tote bag. ‘Nuf said.

Original art including a print, post card, and book mark

I’m obsessed with this post card, which features a very dark Nietzsche quote, and this might be my new favorite bookmark (Don’t tell the other bookmarks. I don’t need a riot on my hands).

1408 key chain

I practiced this flip so many times. Thank goodness for editing. 


Want to get next month’s box? Find your book box soul mate here.

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I hope you enjoyed the video! You can find my December unboxing here.

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