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7 Spooky, Scary Books to Read this Halloween

I don’t know why I enjoy watching and reading scary things so much.

It makes me afraid to be the last one to turn off the lights on the way to bed. It causes paranoid, startled jumps after every small noise that emanates from my house (fact: it’s almost always the ice maker). Yet still, I never stop. I’m hooked on that dopamine rush at the end of every skin-tingling scene.

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are too. I’ve made this list for terror-addicts like ourselves. Take a scroll through this page, hopefully you’ll find something to set your mind humming this Halloween.

Oh wait – you don’t actually like scary things?! What are you doing here?! I made this alternate list for you. It’s full of all things spooky, but not scary.

Want to find out more about each title? It’s easy! Just click the orange title or the cover image.

Little Heaven
Nick Cutter

Little Heaven by Nick Cutter was one of the most recommended books on my questionnaire for horror-loving bookstagrammers. Since I’ve just read it myself, I completely understand what the fuss is about. Nick Cutter is gross. I mean that as a compliment. Bonus: the hardback edition has incredible illustrations throughout. 

The Grip of It
Jac Jemc

I received this book in the always-epic Nocturnal Readers Box. It’s a wonderfully creepy haunted house story that felt so refreshing – you know, in a creepy way. It’s a super quick read and made everything around me seem suddenly eerie.  

The Haunting of Hill House
Shirley Jackson

I have the first paragraph of this book memorized. That’s how perfect it is. This book was also highly recommended from my favorite horror bookstagrammers. I was so excited when I saw how many of them loved it as much as I do! Note, this is a classic, so the writing style is a bit slower. Somehow though, I don’t think you’ll mind. 

Ania Ahlborn

Every Ania Ahlborn book is like watching a horror movie. Except for the fact that you’re reading it. This is my favorite of hers so far. It’s a bloody tale about a family of serial killers and one son who wants to leave his monstrous history behind. 

Home to Roost
Chauncey Rogers

I’ve just read this self-published wonder by Chauncey Rogers. By the time I reached the final chapters I had goosebumps and couldn’t stop turning the pages. This is the perfect choice for e-book readers! Read the full review here. 

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys

Like in most short story anthologies, some works are better than others. In Slasher Girls & Monster Boys one story in particular had me extremely creeped out. I still try not to think about it. Read In the Forest Dark and Deep (page 28) if you want to be disturbed for the rest of the week. 

Bird Box
Josh Malerman

I have never felt so tense while reading a novel. Sure, it’s not a traditional Halloween theme, but it’s perfect if you want to feel on edge. Bird Box is entirely original – I’ve never read anything like it. There are some scenes within those pages you won’t soon forget. Warning: the ending polarizes readers. I adored it and recommend it constantly. 

If this list wasn’t enough for you and you want some spooky, but less scary, recommendations then check out my alternate list here

I hope you have a great Halloween! Teleport me a piece of your candy stash please! 

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