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7 Spooky, Not Scary, Books to Read this Halloween

I get it. You want to get into the Halloween spirit, but you don’t want to be afraid to turn off your lights at the end of the night. Halloween doesn’t have to be all scares and screams. It can be warm, cozy, full of pumpkin spice lattes – and, if you follow this list, complete with perfect Halloween reads that are more spooky than scary.

Psst… what’s that? You actually prefer terrifying, blood-curdling books? What are you doing here?! It’s this post that is for you!

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The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus is the perfect book to read in October. I know some fellow bloggers who read it every year! I can’t even begin to blame them. This little novel is atmospheric and full of magic. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cold autumn morning, filling your hands with warmth like a good cup of tea. 

Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice

The authority on vampires? Dracula may have been the first, but Anne Rice has certainly written the latest and possibly the more insightful. If blood-sucking fiends get your veins pumping, then Interview with the Vampire isn’t one to miss. This is the only work in the vamp subgenre that made me feel like there really could be a tall, dark, and handsome vampire hiding in plain sight. Rice is extraordinarily talented and continued this book with a full series of vampire lore that fans, including me, can’t get enough of. 

The Diviners

Libba Bray

Full of sparkling 1920’s atmosphere and art deco notes – including period appropriate slang – Libba Bray pulls out all the stops in The Diviners. A rebellious teenage girl is shipped off to NYC where she lives with her occult-obsessed uncle, confesses her supernatural prowess, and uses her gifts to solve a string of murders. Have I convinced you yet? It’s just good fun. 


Bram Stoker

I know, I know. I’ve recommended Dracula so many times by now – but have you read it yet?! If not, you’re not allowed to complain. Dracula is one of my all-time favorite classics. It’s perfection incarnate. There’s something for everyone – romance, atmospheric writing, a mysterious villain – and Van Helsing. What’s not to love? If you do nothing else this season, read Dracula. This is me begging you. 

The Girl With All the Gifts

M.R. Carey

I fear that spoilers have likely popped up in your bookish searches about this novel, but it’s really more fun if you go in knowing absolutely nothing. So I’ll just leave this here – but let me state that this was my absolute topmost favorite the year it came out. It’s fast-paced, filled with action, and completely original. 

The Witches

Road Dahl

I don’t care if you’re 9 or 90, Road Dahl is always a good choice. This will only take you a few hours to read and will give you a full tour down memory lane. Perfect if you want to read something quick before the holiday! 

The Witchfinder’s Sister

Beth Underdown

I can’t resist a good historical fiction now and then. The Witchfinder’s Sister is perfect for those of you who just want a hint of spookiness. This book was an eye-opener for me on just how far we’ve come with women’s rights. It’s beautifully told, intriguing, and kept me spellbound. Here’s my instagram post on it from a few months back. I’m pretty proud of this caption, I’m not going to lie.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween full of candy, perfectly carved pumpkins, great costumes, and, of course, a great read! If this list just wasn’t enough for you (gosh you’re greedy), then check out my alternate list for people who want to be terrified this All Hallow’s Eve. 

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