6 Life Lessons from Your Favorite Six of Crows Characters


A liar, a thief, and utterly without conscience. But he’ll keep to any deal you strike with him.

Lesson Learned: A little lie never hurt anyone…much

Oh, Kaz. Bastard of the Barrel. Dirtyhands. And the perfect example of how a little pessimism pays off, how the lies you build up long enough can create a life of their own, a legend: Kaz Brekker.


Besides, she was the Wraith – the only law that applied to her was gravity, and some days she defied that, too.

Lesson Learned: You are strong. And stronger still.

When you reach the point where you think you can’t go any farther, take one more step, find one more foothold. You’ll find you’re stronger than you know. (Inej is my most special favorite)


Maybe your tutors didn’t cover this lesson, but you do not argue with a man covered in blood and a knife up his sleeve.

Lesson Learned: Where you came from may have built you, but it does not define you.


She savored everything.

Lesson Learned: Remember to savor.

When I read this sentence, it struck me. I realized what a gift it is to savor. Take it all in, enjoy little bits of happiness for all that they’re worth. A reminder for me to savor the good things, whenever possible.


No Mourners

Lesson Learned: Laugh whenever, wherever you can.

Even if it’s in the middle of a heist.


The life you live, the hate you feel – it’s poison. I can drink it no longer.

Lesson Learned: There’s still time to change your mind.

I leave you with this:

No Mourners. No Funerals.

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