5 Strong Women in Books That Inspire Me to Be More Than I Am

Everyone needs role models. Don’t judge me because mine are fictional.

The only reason I get through some days is by channeling fictional characters. That’s sort of the beauty of books, isn’t it? We find characters that we see ourselves in, that we aspire to be, that help us through a rough patch. These are mine.

1 – Galadriel

Excuse me, can we just talk for a second about how Galadriel is the PERFECT WOMAN. Don’t even try to argue. It can’t be denied. I wish I was as cool as Galadriel. That’s my new life goal. Task 1: Grow pointy ears.

P.S. Cate Blanchett – Please be my friend.

galadriel lotr

2 – Katniss

Whenever people ask which character I relate to most I always have to say Katniss. She is basically me. But with way better archery skills.

Katniss gif

3 – Literally every little woman in Little Women.

I can’t say how much these women influence me. It happens almost daily. Whenever trouble crosses my path, I ask myself what Marmee would do. It’s served me well so far.


little women gif

4 – Luna Lovegood

You weirdo. You remind me to be unafraid, to be unapologetically myself. I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m still looking for a pair of these glasses.

You’re also the reason I blame everything on nargles.

luna gif

5 – Celaena Sardothien

You glorious creature. You inspire me in so many ways but most often, I have to admit, as my fitness inspiration. I’ll be over there lifting weights feeling like ‘meh’ – but then I think about you and how you would totally be killing it in the gym, and how I should try to be as badass as you. It’s impossible, but I’ll try. You know, in case I ever want to be an assassin. *flexes bicep*

6 – Scarlett O’hara

Otherwise known as the queen of resting bitch face. Say what you will about Scarlett but that woman GOT IT DONE. You have to admire her for that. You have to. Because I said so.

Plus, when someone really makes you mad, it’s best to whip out this face: 


Who inspires you?! Comment below.