5 Best Books of May – 2017

Five Best Books of May 2017

Looking for some books to add to your Summer Reading list? Out of the 13 books I read in May, I’m bringing you my top 5.

A Zoe Goldman Novel
by Sandra Block

Budding psychiatrist Zoe Goldman returns in book three of the Zoe Goldman series with one striking problem: her patients are dying. Zoe has no idea how or why this is happening, but rumors are flying. The warden at the correctional facility where she now works questions her ability to practice medicine as much as Zoe begins to question her own sanity. Struggling to find out what’s going wrong and dodging dangerous prisoners at every turn, Zoe doesn’t yet realize that someone is targeting her patients in order to get to her. Someone dangerous, hiding in plain sight, and with access to all her secrets.

The Zoe Goldman series is irresistible. I highly recommend these books to anyone who loves fantastic characters, satisfying plots, and thrilling mysteries. I will be reading Zoe Goldman novels as long as Sandra Block writes them. New readers of the series can find the first book entitled, Little Black Lies.

by Jennifer Robson

It’s the summer of 1940. American journalist Ruby Sutton is about to get her big break. She’s been asked to report on the Second World War as a staff writer for a prevalent news magazine in London. Without a family or friends to tie her home, Ruby gladly accepts. It’s her chance to start over in a place where no one knows of her more than humble origins. She expects war reporting will be tough, but she quickly learns her time in Britain will test her in more ways than she thought possible.

In the midst of terrorizing nightly bombings known as the Blitz, Ruby finds her way among new colleagues. Most are friendly, but some start to resent her presence. Not just as a talented journalist, but as a woman. Life in London is the hardest thing Ruby has ever done, but also the best. Among the rubble of a war zone, Ruby discovers the true meaning of friendship, family, and what it is to fall in love.

Goodnight from London is one of the best books I’ve read in 2017. Supremely enjoyable from start to finish, I couldn’t find a thing wrong with this novel. And believe me, I tried. I reserve my full star ratings for books that truly deserve it. Goodnight from London is one of them.

by Emily Carpenter

Decades ago, Meg Ashley’s mother wrote a bestselling horror novel that became a cult classic. Meg may lead a fortunate life from her mother’s monetary success, but things aren’t as picture perfect as they may seem. Behind the glowing mirage of their public life lies a twisted mother-daughter relationship that waits to be broken open.

After years of manipulation and torment, Meg feels ready to escape from her mother’s shadow. She accepts the offer to write a tell-all memoir that would reveal the dark side of her famous mother. She finds more than she bargained for. Meg begins to question everything after investigating the real-life island where her mother’s novel was set and the strange woman who was said to inspire the murderous main character. Could this picturesque Georgian island really be the place where so much went wrong? 

What real-life tragedy inspired the horror novel Meg’s mother wrote years ago? Who really killed an innocent little girl? Did her mother have a hand in it?

The Weight of Lies is an enjoyable whodunit for your summer reading list. It will leave you breathless and guessing until the very last page. Stow this little page-turner in your beach bag right away.

by Camille Di Maio

Della Lee finally returns to her Texan hometown of Puerto Pesar (translated as Port of regret) after 70 years in prison for the murder of her sister, Eula. At age 90, Della Lee is ready to confess the truth about what really happened the night of her sister’s death. She just looking for the right person to listen.

In the local church hangs a painting of Eula, a girl idolized since her tragic death, rumored to cry real tears. Big-shot Boston journalist Mick Anders is assigned to cover the mysterious story of Eula’s tear-stained portrait. Although he’s sure this local tall tale is mere fanaticism, he takes the chance to cool off after a career-ruining scandal up North. Della Lee takes a shine to Mick and agrees to share the real story of her sister’s death.

Mick finds himself falling for the attractive Dr. Paloma Vega Between interviews with aging Della Lee. Paloma has been called home to Puerto Pesar to care for her ailing grandmother and troubled younger sister.

Told through shifting perspectives and alternating timelines, the reader discovers that while all three have been pulled back to this dusty Texas town for one reason or another, none knew how their lives would change forever.

Before the Rain Falls if for any reader who enjoys the merits of family, no matter how tangled, who finds gratification in a love story well told, and who enjoys multiple perspective or shifting timeline narrative structures.

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by Ross Armstrong

She’s watching you, but who’s watching her? Lily lives with her husband in a brand-new apartment across from a building set for demolition. A keen bird-watcher, she can’t help spying on her neighbors through their open windows. Things turn strange when Lily begins categorizing her neighbors as she would birds. One day she spies something suspicious through her binoculars. Soon after, an elderly neighbor is found dead. Lily feels it’s up to her to solve this mystery, but her interference isn’t going unnoticed. As she comes closer to the truth her own life comes under threat and she discovers secrets, even some she was hiding from herself.

This novel is told with a unique narration style. Lily is writing letters to an unknown addressee, filling page after page with eye-witness accounts of suspicious activities and counting down the days “til it comes.” She is honest and vulnerable. Yet, it slowly becomes clear that something with Lily might not be quite right. As reality starts to unravel, you are drawn into her strange web and have to ask: Can I trust Lily?

I enjoyed this Hitchcock-inspired psychological thriller until its satisfying end. I highly recommend this to readers who find unreliable narrators irresistible and who love a classic horror movie on a Friday night. 

That’s it! My picks for the 5 best books of May! What was your favorite read from May?

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